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Need Cash? Ace Buyers can help!

Have a temporary crisis?
Want to get rid of something and just want some cash?

We make it easy.


When life happens, you have more options than you think. If you need a little cash to get through an emergency situation such as an unexpected bill, job lay-off, or last-minute travel, we’d like to help.

Most banks won’t loan cash on merchandise such as jewelry, firearms, televisions, Blu-Ray players, computers, or game systems. We will advance cash to you for what we call “items of value” and give you time to get your item back. It’s sort of like borrowing from yourself!

Just want some cash and have some items that don’t belong in the garage sale? Take a peek at our Products page for a better idea about what we accept.

We’d love to help you gain some extra space and money. We’d like to make your life a little easier — or fun — whatever the case may be.